Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Decluttering - toss, donate or sell?

Decluttering has been a huge part of my life since the beginning of the year. I think I mentioned once or twice (LOL) that my husband is a hoarder. And I'm not saying he's merely a slob ... I mean he doesn't throw away ANYTHING. And in years past my mindset has been "Well, why should I bother getting rid of any of my stuff? As long as he keeps all his crap this place will never look nice". I'm done with that thinking. My kids are really good about getting rid of stuff they are done with, so I've been taking bags to Goodwill just about every week. Often, I give bags of their old clothes to a friend who has 2 young boys. 

It's sometimes hard, though, to figure out what to do with stuff we no longer use. I used to sell on Ebay. Like, regularly. For years. But it was a lot of work & once I started working there was no time, so I stopped. But every time I peruse Ebay for whatever reason, I'm still astounded by some of the prices things sell for. Things you wouldn't believe. Did you know Ebay has forums?? I used to be a regular reader/ poster of the kids clothing forum, because that's what I sold the most. We would all list our big sellers for the week & it was a-MAZ-ing what some things sold for. So of course, I always think long & hard before throwing something in a bag for GW. In fact, I usually check Ebay to see if something similar has sold recently. It's kind of a sickness.

I'm getting ready to go through all my paper craft supplies. I started that hobby in 2006 so I have a LOT of stuff. I sold some stuff through my other blog, & some stuff on a paper craft forum that I used to hang out in. (I used to hang out in a LOT of forums, lol). I'm definitely not giving this stuff away, but it has to go. A rummage sale is too much work & we never get a lot of people out where we live. I could list stuff on Craiglist, I've had some success there. I wish I could just bag up ALL my stuff I don't want anymore -- clothes, stamps, toys -- & give it to someone & they would give me money. All at once. I'd be a lot more motivated than I am now! 

But I won't quit. I will de-clutter this house if it kills me (& it might). I love reading organizing blogs, they are very inspiring & have great tips. Once I get my stuff in order, I will tackle my hubby's. Who knows what I could get on Craiglist for his stuffed albino squirrel. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Windows XP & running shoes

Happy Sunday, blog peeps! How is your April going so far?? Everyone have their taxes done? We did ours the first week of February so not only did we already receive our refund, we already spent it! LOL

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger, but there is really nothing exciting to report. I've been keeping my numbers updated best I can. Hubby worked quite a bit of OT last month, unfortunately that has now dried up since his fiscal year end was March. That's ok though, because he's been feeling awful the last week or so. Very congested, sore throat, headache. You know, same thing everyone else has. And I know if he'd been offered OT he would have worked, so I'm kind of glad he's able to just rest.

He seems to be really worried about the fact that I'm still using Windows XP on my computer. And he knows nada about computers, sytems, technology, anything in that field. But he does watch the news so he knows that I should probably be getting a new computer. I've wanted a new one for a while. Mine is very glitchy & slow. If I want to watch a video or show, I have to borrow my son's because it will take me 2 hours to watch 1/2 show on mine. I know for security reasons (& my sanity) I should get a new one, but they are just so expensive. Even $300 for the cheapest is more than I want to spend right now. With spring coming, I was hoping to spend our dollars on mulch, plants & fertilizer. I guess for now I will keep borrowing my son's. He built a desktop, which is what he uses for all his gaming. He really only uses his laptop for homework so there's no reason we can't share :)  

I did have to splurge on shoes. TWO pairs of shoes. My son is in track & while he's a thrower, he has been doing some running as well in some of the meets. His Walmart shoes are NOT good for running. As I cringed when he rounded the corner at one meet, I thought for sure he was going to wipe out. So we went to Kohl's a couple of weeks ago & bought him some Nikes. That's ok, at least his feet are done growing (I hope! Size 13, folks!!) so these should last him a long time. With us joining the Y up in the air, I decided to just hit the ground running. The outside ground. For free. BUT I get shin splints every time. So I decided my 10 year old Target shoes had to go. I've never had a good pair of tennis shoes. So I went to Kohl's with the Kohl's cash I had from buying son's shoes, plus a $10 off shoes coupon, plus a 20% discount, & bought myself a pair of New Balance shoes for a grand total of $24! I love them, I walked/ ran the other day & no shin splints!! (yes, I walk/ run. I walk for 10 minutes, then run for what is usually about a minute, then walk, then run again for what is usually about another minute, etc. I'm a walker, not a runner but I do like to get the old heart pumping). 

So that's what's going on around here. Track track track. Practices & meets. Every day. Nice weather last week -- 60's. Now this week, 40's. Ugh. This girl is sooooo ready for spring! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Almost April

Gahhhh why can't I keep up? There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done, including updating this blog. Track season is in full swing & between picking son up from practice every day & driving to all the meets - well, let's just say I'm thinking of installing a Port-A-John in my car.

He loves track though, & I'm happy about that. He loves the work out & the practice. He also loves the weight training class he has for gym. And of course (I knew this was coming for a while now) he wants to join the Y. Many of his friends are members & I have to admit, I would love for him to be able to meet them to work out together. But we just can't afford it. I would want a family membership (other son NEEDS to be a bit more active) & it's $81 a month. I'm thinking of looking for a used treadmill or elliptical & some free weights, but I know it would be more fun for him -- & probably more motivating -- to work out with friends. I would love to join too. I'm not overweight, but I am out of shape. I'm trying to at least plank every night. Um .... have you tried planking? It's hard!! 

Maybe for now I'll let him join by himself. I think he would get a student rate so it wouldn't be that much. And he does so much for me around the house & doesn't get an allowance so I'd really like to be able to let him join. We'll see. My husband is working Saturday AND Sunday this weekend so next week will be a nice check. Unfortunately, March is his employer's fiscal year end. So come April, not only will there be no overtime, there will most likely be very little work at all. 

So there's my gripe for the week. The Y is expensive to join!! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A few hours early ....

but happy St Patty's Day!! My days of partying with the leprechauns are definitely over, but here's a little funny to celebrate the day:



It's been busy here .... track has started for my older son & practice is every day, plus there have been dentist, doctor, ortho & eye appointments for everyone these last couple of weeks. Why do I schedule everything at once? I guess .... at least we get it all over with! 

March is half over .... here's hoping spring comes SOON!

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

DST this weekend!

Did you remember to spring forward? I definitely felt it when I woke up this morning LOL. But I'm more than happy to give up an hour if it means spring is coming! 

I've actually had a GREAT weekend! My older son & I went to the high school Friday night to see the musical "Lil Abner". This was huge. Both my kids HATE musicals. I mean, they are boys. NO shopping & NO musicals, please. Aside from those, though, they like doing everything else with me. But they had shown a "teaser" of the play at school on Thursday & he said he wouldn't mind going! He bought the tickets at school on Friday AND the seats were together!!! Was I worried? Um ...yes!! He said he'd GO with me, he didn't say he'd SIT with me LOL. 

The musical was fantastic, we both enjoyed it so much. High school musicals sure have come a long way since my high school days. Heck, their program is better than my yearbook was! 

Last night was his "Student Rock Concert" at a bar/ restaurant. I've never divulged here that my son take guitar lessons, because I knew I would probably get flamed for it. We are in debt, yet we pay for our son to take guitar lessons. Definitely not a necessity. But he wanted lessons for sooooo long. He even tried to teach himself. A couple of years ago when the younger one signed up for orchestra at school, I could no longer deny the other one guitar lessons. It just didn't seem fair. 

So yes, he's been taking lessons for about a year & half. He actually will be taking a break for the rest of the school year, because track starts on Monday & practice is every single day, plus the meets are very random. So .... it's just to hard to schedule lessons around all of it. He will continue once the school year is over. 

Anyway, back to last night. His teacher puts together a student concert each year. He sets it up at a place where his own band will play later in the night. The kids learn a song, then get to play it on stage with a backing track & lights & everything .... such a great experience. The kids love it! And ... his teacher cleared it with bar management to allow the kids to stay to hear his band play for the first hour. We've heard his band many times, as they play a lot of outdoor festivals in the summer. But it was really fun do this as a group. 

Here he is ..... playing "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed, which I'm sure you've never heard of if you're not into hard rock :)

He did such a great job & I'm so proud of him :)

And to make my weekend that much finer, yesterday in the mail we received a check for $500, which was our deductible we had to pay for my husband's last accident. Putting 1/2 in our tax account & the other 1/2 towards debt. 

Now off to visit you all ~~~~~

Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A must see!

This is not financial or debt related in any way, but I just wanted to share something fabulous I stumbled across. I can't believe I've never heard of them before. I love music. My older son plays guitar, my younger son played cello last year. You've GOT to see this YouTube channel~~~


Pick a song, any of their songs. They are phenomonal. I love them all. I think this one is my favorite. 

My Favorite


~~ back to your regular financial blog hopping ~~

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mid-February blues

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted! Sorry about that, but honestly there has been nothing going on here. Just trying to get through these snowy, cold days. Another storm today, but at least it was 25 degrees AND we are supposed to warm up this week -- all the way to 37! However, that means alllll this snow will start to melt & there will be lots of flooding. Hopefully not in our basement ..... 

So .... really .... just muddling along. Missing my grandma terribly, still hard to believe she's gone. My mom has already cleaned most of her stuff out & has given tons to Goodwill so the bedroom looks much like it did before my grandma moved in. Too empty :(

I have also been cleaning & have 5 boxes & bags of stuff to donate. The handle on the back hatch of my van broke about 4 months ago though, & since it's around $400 to fix (Toyota ... parts aren't cheap!) I've lived with it. But it makes trying to get anything more than a couple of grocery bags into the car a pain, so the stuff is sitting in my hallway. I need to call Purple Heart because they will actually come pick it up. 

Thank goodness for the Olympics, takes away some of these winter doldrums. I really don't mind winter usually, & I love snow. But not this much, this long. But I love watching other people in the snow. My favorite has always been figure skating but I am GLUED to the tv when the snowboarders are on. Those peeps are nuts! 

And American Idol is back! I have watched every season EXCEPT last season, I just couldn't stomach the drama queens. I'm loving the judges this year, & there is some HOT talent. I wish I could sing. How come some people can, & some people can't? I even was in choir for 4 years in middle & high school, and I still can't sing! 

I just signed up for Netflix last night. We had been "borrowing" my hubby's co-worker's account, but were limited with that as far as where we could watch it. My son kept bugging me to sign up for our own account. Finally I asked him how much, & he said $8 a month. $8 a month?? Um.... YES. I had no idea it was that cheap, I was thinking it was like cable with different levels & at least $50 a month. I know a lot of people complain that they never update & all their stuff is old, but I looked through it last night before signing up & there is a lot I want to watch. Besides, I don't watch THAT much tv. My mom bought all the ER dvd's & I've been watching them for a good 2 years LOL. I'm on season 11 so I'm getting there. I did fill in with Weeds, I loved that show. And I want to see Breaking Bad to see what all the hype is about, so maybe after this season of ER I'll take a break & watch that. I'd rather watch during the winter becasue once summer comes there is noooooo watching tv! 

See ... I told you it's been boring here. I do have some numbers to update on my sidebar but not tonight .... I need to be better about getting off this laptop earlier in the night. I always tell myself I'll log off no later than 9 then it's suddenly 11 & I'm sitting on Pinterest!